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My Driving Experience in UK: PART-II

If you didn’t get bored reading Part – I, here are a few things I realized.

The Peugeot and us.

First of all, please unlearn what we do here in India; you would need a lot of patients driving in the UK.

At a junction forget concentrating on what’s happening on your left hand side, concentrate onto your right and be very patient, enter only if there is no on coming on the right, especially at a “Round about” (what we call circle).

Second forget your manufacturer provided you with a Horn.

It is considered rude to honk at someone and you only get a chance to do it when some makes a mistake and instead of screaming your head off verbally you can just honk at them.

Third, please follow lanes, it’s very important, use indicators when you want to change lanes, now this is tricky initially, coz you are a motorway doing 100+ kms/hr and you want to change lanes, you check your rear view mirror and you would see vehicles speeding down the lane you want to take….don’t bother, make sure the driver behind has noticed your indicator and he will give you way.

Another lesson learned was the use of rear view mirrors and believe me all of them, the left, right and the one inside. It takes a while for us to get used to it but after a while it becomes a habit.

Last but not the least, please follow all rules and signs, especially speed limits if it says 20 then they mean 20 Miles and you better be in the limit, there are cameras every Kilometer. The Speed limit on the highway is 70 miles and if you stick to it you would see every one fly past you….trust me don’t try racing, coz they know where the cameras are and you don’t!

Regarding finding your way around, you don’t have to be worried, get a good satellite navigation device (Tom Tom, or Sat Nave as they call it). Feed in the post code of your destination and you would get complete instructions, and if you miss a turn the device recalculates the route to your destination.

Happy Motoring!


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